Pedagogikal horse riding by Dell´mour®

Kids gain experiences without fear and pressure to succeed. They learn how to feed and clean the horse correctly.

Pedagogical horse riding means FEBS


Kids plunge in their own world. The horse will be a friend, protector, playmate and companion.


They can feel the horse, understand it and experience nature and the life on the farm.


Coordination and flexibility activities train gradually the body image and sensitize the perception of one´s own body.


Team spirit will be supported playfully and attentiveness toward the horse will be strengthened.


Integral horse pedagogy by Dell´mour®

GRIPS® - discover the horse another way. This sensitive teaching method gives kids the freedom to lean riding in a special way. The relationship to the horse is to the fore and not the achievement-oriented sport riding.

As a pedagogue, I am able to cater for the kids special needs. Through targeted exercises the kids get the possibility to train their coordination and sequence of movements on the horse and also on the ground.

Common experiences, team spirit and urge to research contribute to a positive development of personality. Active involvement and individual creativity will be supported in many ways.

Integral horse pedagogy means GRIPS®

Feel the horse with your body and soul

Giving each other respect and harmony will grow

Rely on your gut feeling

By providing individual support strengths can be emphasized.

Learn riding a horse with joy and ease


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